Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for services?

PC Building 
PC Cleaning 

Peripheral Cleaning 

3D Printing


Graphic Art

How are your PCs better than something I can buy at [retailer]?

We build our PCs with mainstream parts that match or exceed the quality of what you can find from other retailers. Many prebuilt manufacturers include parts that are there just to reduce production cost, an example being non-modular power supplies that can be less energy efficient for your home. Everything we make is also custom fitted for your specific needs, and you can't get that personality from a traditional prebuilt PC retailer.


How are your PCs cheaper than other retailers?

A key part of our business model is our local shipping, free of charge. We don't need to purchase packaging materials or pay for shipping services when we can simply hand-deliver our products straight to you. This means that you can see the benefits of cheaper prices and more quality parts than mainstream retailers. Our operating costs are also significantly lower than a traditional retailer, meaning we spend less on advertising and keeping things running on the back end, and therefore don't need to charge you more to continue our services.


What is your experience in these services?

I built my first computer in late 2015, and I have been building them consistently since. My services have been utilized by my friends and family, Jackson High School, and even a faculty member at Miami University in the past. I also have vast knowledge in image editing software; I created this website and all of its assets with my own skills and resources. While I am still learning new things, you can trust that I will deliver a quality product quickly and efficiently due to these past experiences.

- $50 flat charge + price of the components in your budget

- $25 (includes CPU thermal paste replacement, dust cleaning)

- $15 (per peripheral; mouse, keyboard, etc.)

- $0.10 per gram of material (eSun PLA+ in a variety of colors.)

- Price determined depending on project